Chris Knapp, Jonathan Nelson, Michael Parsons 2013    Atmospheric Tessellation is an architectural lighting installation suited to the urban experience of the pedestrian - photographed at Wellington Lux:
Interrupt Collective  2013    Trees are pou,  Those posts are pou  People are pou.  You are a pou[1]    Tūrama Pou is a site-specific work that inhales and exhales a flow of light through the Timber Forest on the Wellington Waterfront. Luminaire adorn the vertical timbers, visually responding to the tidal rhythms of the harbour.  Photographed at Wellington LUX:
Sang Jun, Yoo is a new media artist.  He engages visible and invisible optic matters and subconscious interactions between people and their surroundings.  Photographed at wellington LUX
Digital Wattle - Wellington waterfront photographed at Wellington LUX:
Digital Wattle - Wellington waterfront photographed at Wellington LUX:
Digital Wattle Wellington Waterfront photographed at Wellington LUX:
Darklit Design 2013  Tracing Transcience photographed during Wellington Lux Festival.  Transience is defined in the work as the essence of a fleeting moment, retracing the transitory movement of flight at night through illumination.   Pigeons are an iconic form in most urban areas, not least of which, Wellington. Light in motion is used to recreate a trace of the feathered joy, transient beings flitting and chasing through an alleyway. Photographed at Wellington LUX:
Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter  2013: This cycle reminded us of our own country, Australia, with its cycles of flood and fire that, rather than destroy, actually rejuvenate and are critical to the eco-system. Photographed at Wellington LUX:
Digital Wattle - bright light installation 'explores the interplay between ethnic groups coexisting in one city' photographed at Wellington Lux:
Dispersión Cromática    Dispercionprofile    Verónica Heredia Otero and Ricardo Gómez Terrones  2012    Dispersión Cromática photographed at Wellington Lux Festival.   This installation explores the behavior of light; the way light travels through a porous material by breaking down LEDs into their component RGB colours.  Photographed at Wellington LUX:

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