Easy one-pot beef stew. Loads of veg, no hassle. Definitely better than eating rubbish.

I love to be able to throw together a meal with as little effort as possible and this one pot Slimming World easy beef stew crock pot recipe has to be one of the easiest out there and what is even better is that it is totally syn free on Slimming World!

Slimming World 1/2 syn cake!

Slimming world recipe.now this I HAVE to try Update - - I was a bit disappointed with this. It tasted OK but was a very floppy texture. It would probably be quite good as the base of a trifle, Nell

Slimming World recipes: Fruit Roulade

Neat - Wedding Food Ideas - Slimming World Roulade - Saw this 10 mins ago and ive now got one in the oven. Havent had anything cake like since started this diet.

My Slimming World Lancashire Hotpot Recipe. #slimmingworldrecipe #slimmingworld #healthyeating

There is nothing more comforting on a cold winters day than to sit down with a delicious Lancashire Hotpot and this Lancashire Hotpot recipe is one that the entire family will be coming back for seconds for!

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