COUNTING BOWLS. Label each bowl with the numbers 1 to 10 and add the same number of dots corresponding with the number on each bowl. Then, assist your child with placing the same number of balls (while counting aloud) inside the corresponding bowl.  Then Turn the bowls upside down to hide the balls underneath and lift up to count the balls again
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understand place value in EYFS. But, for preschool, simply measuring the distance traveled. closest to the tube, furthest, etc.
ways to make the number ten
Teaching fractions
Explore numbers 1-10 in many different ways.  Preschool, pre-k, and special ed. - multi-sensory and differentiated
Number Writing Activity-Salt Tray Game. What a fun way for kids to learn numbers and their value!
This is very cool and easy math activity and found very useful to teach sorting and counting. I would pass this pin. Children will match the same color of pom-pom with the bottle color.
Missing numbers... from Rachel (",)
White board clock with hula hoop

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number locks and keys
Activity may be very useful for pupils who enjoy "hands on" activities and are hard to motivate. Boys in particular will like this.                                                                                                                                                      More
Great idea for really learners
Wrap numicon in foil. Chn write down guess, unwrap foil and write down actual number - chocolate wrappers for cinema out and about theme.
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