Tree Top orange squash. We only had this once or twice as it was Very Expensive.

Do you remember Tree Top orange squash? The botle was shaped like a Lava Lamp.

Walls ice cream 1960s - Memories of the summer holidays and Walls ice cream from the corner shop.

Wall's ice cream sign - Memories of summer holidays in the UK and ice cream from the corner shop.

cassette tape player recorder...remember when you were taping and someone would come in and talk and you would have to

Remember these and recording songs from the radio by holding it against the boom box speakers? And always wishing the DJ would shut up and quit ruining the beginning of the song? I still have one of these tape recorder.

anais anais 80s - Google Search

Oh, to be an adolescent in the reading Teen magazine, and wearing Anais Anais or Liz Claiborne.

Who remembers pop-it beads?

Remember these! Oh yes - Pop-Beads! I remember sucking on them and attaching the next one and the cool "nuuuuuuuuk sound" once you pop them together! line up color how fun too bad kids swallowed them and they took them off the market!

Jumble Sales.... remember mum and dad taking us to them when we were kids.

We didn't have overpriced Charity shops, just Jumble Sales every Saturday afternoon in the local church hall

Salt and vinegar were my favourite - they could take the roof of your mouth off!

The poll will close at Monday Top THREE go through Group G Chipsticks Salt & Vinegar 45486 Nothing tastes quite like a Chipstick: The yumfactor of Chips & Crisps all in one.

.♫ there's gonna be an ocean . . . of calamine lotion . . ♫

For mosquito bites and poison ivy, left a big pink dot on your skin. Also we were smothered with it when we got chicken pox to stop the itching!

Magnus Alfred Pyke (Paddington, London, 29th December 1908 — 19th October 1992) was a British scientist and media figure, who, although apparently quite eccentric and playing up to the mad scientist stereotype, succeeded in explaining science to a lay audience. He was known for his enthusiastic way of waving his arms around as he spoke.

Magnus Pyke was in a science programme called "Don't Ask Me" (I remember that he used to use his hands a lot when talking ten to the dozen, and he lived in hammersmith)