Elephant cutlery drainer by Peleg Design

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer - Grey - Make a memorable kitchen with this elephant in the room from Luckies of London. The Jumbo Cutlery Drainer - Grey

Os 25 Itens Mais Legais Para A Sua Cozinha

Os 25 Itens Mais Legais Para A Sua Cozinha

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Custom Engraved Rolling Pins / 50 uniquely designed kitchen items for the food lover

Kitty Measuring Cups

43 Impossibly Cute Products You'll Actually Use

Sunglasses Bag Clips, $8

24 Clever Kitchen Gifts For Your Favorite Twentysomething

Chillax your chips with these Sunglasses Bag Clips. Four summertime colored sunglass shaped clips for food you need kept fresh.

The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Starry Night: Cocoon-Like Bed Lulls You to a Peaceful Sleep. If you can’t sleep outside under the stars due to poor weather or deathly fear of bears, the Cosmos Bed from designer Natalia Rumyantseva is a pretty great substitute

Shower Squids

Go leagues under the shower with a grippy, Shower Squid, equipped with nine tentacles for holding your shampoo, soap and washing extras.

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