. . . a dog does a selfie !! | most amazing photos. when a dog gets on the beach he goes a little bit mad :) what a fantastic moment in time....really great shot. LOL! perfect title for a fantastic image in one word AWESOME and what a great shot of a highly charged doggie!

Baxter was having such an awesome time at the beach that he just had to take a 'selfie' to send to all of his Dog Park buddies back home.

Beautiful Sleeping Border Terrier Puppy!

this border terrior is so cute and sleepy AND I love puppies AND I love border terriors and dogs so basically I LOVE dogs and this dog !

@maggie_the_bt I am not sure about this brussel sprout. Not sure at all...

Maggie Moo on

'Have you pinched one of the Brussels Sprouts from the Kitchen again Nipper?' - Naughty Border Terrier Dog theif caught in the act

Twitter / Ange412: Border terrier love my gorgeous Hovis

Ange Watmough on

Bernie the Border Terrier

This is Bernie, a 5 year old male Border Terrier from Durham UK. This is our beautiful Bernie the Border.