Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:)

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:) You could use this to practice number recognition and also number bonds. Find OR find 4 + 4

Counting and number matching with paper cups. A fun math activity for preschool.

Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups

Practice number matching with paper cups! It's a fun, hands-on way to learn numbers and counting. So grab the free printable mats and try this math activity

reggio-inspired Archive - Mathematics and Science in SD#38 (Richmond)

the mathematical affordances of materials: geoboards two ways - Mathematics and Science in SD (Richmond)

Numicon Biscuits - a great recipe for cooking with kids which helps with your math

Numicon Biscuits

Numicon Biscuits step by step instructions of how to make the biscuits; combines life skills and maths skills.

Number bonds to 10 challenge. My children love numicon!

I have a few children who don't know their number bonds to This is such a crucial skill for more advanced mathematical strategies - think I will be using this idea!

LEGO Ten Frame Games - Fun ideas for ten frames. Perfect for math centers in the classroom or fun math activities for kids at home!

LEGO Ten Frame Games

This is a perfect idea for children that enjoy legos. Children can use legos while incorporating ten frames from common core math at home.

Part Part Whole activities for numbers 3-10; differentiated and visual

I love the way this teaches both subitizing and part-part whole. It helps students understand how their brain sees the number.

Love the squares that just call for thinking about adding just one!

Reggio-based Math Provocations with Ten Frames, Numerals & Loose parts! (Via Richmond School District)

Missing number paint chip cards....could also do number patterns

Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips. You can laminate them, so the kids can write in the missing numbers with dry erase marker.