Sometimes it's the mom who teaches how to ride a bike, throw a ball, or swim. I remember my mom doing "whale rides" with us as kids in the pool to get us used to going under. I loved it!

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A little Saturday strawberry sweetness by Katie Wilson (inmybackyard on Etsy). I love the simplicity and hint of green around the bowl.

beach coral and peachy pink lounge chair and umbrellas

P is for Pretty in Pink Miami Beach is calling… Photographed by Alex Yeske

#florida #1959 #vintagephotography

As Clark tried his darndest to wrestle Minnie down to the dark, deep, naughty end of the pool, Inez saw her chance to escape from Ralph, and made a break for it.

Bob Mizer, Venice Beach...Before Dirty Dancing

Bob Mizer at the Athletic Model Guild took this photograph of Ed Fury and an unknown model performing on a Los Angeles beach boardwalk. In the Mizer took thousands of images at outdoor beauty.