used on a Vivienne Westwood Perfume ad but people also use it as a tattoo idea

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Maly Siri's PIN UP ART ! Vivienne Westwood Fragrance "Naughty Alice", illustration by Maly Siri

Like wisps of smoke....'Vivienne Westwood Launches Jubilee Collection ( UK)'

Westwood’s Jubilee

VIVIVIENNE WESTWOOD is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a new capsule collection, inspired by gowns the royal has previously worn.

Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood Short Peppermint Cocotte Dress. What isn't perfect about this dress?? I adore it. -thatgirl

Vivienne Westwood It is amazingly gorgeous and lovely. I love how it looks like the skirt is wrapped round the waist.

Victoriana is gaining steam! (thank you, thank you very much. I'll be here all week.) | Vivienne Westwood

"I Madden Rock": Carmen dell'Orefice, Daiane Conterato, Grace G and Matthew Avedon by Chris Craymer for Amica

Vivienne Westwood

Buy less choose well Vivienne Westwood. Why have a wardrobe full of average pieces when you can have a few gorgeous statement items instead TRUTH

Vivienne Westwood Resort 2015 [Courtesy Photo]

Vivienne Westwood Resort 2015

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