18 Awesome Body Hacks

18 Awesome Body Hacks

18 Awesome Body Hacks# I'm totally sick right now & the most frustrating part is my inability to breath through my nose. I tried the stuffy nose trick & am now breathing through my nose! Some amazing tricks!

I Use Vitamin E every night and every morning under my eyes. I have noticed huge improvement and hear it is ancient secret of beauty. All you do is pop open a pill and squeeze on your finger and rub upward on your face under your eyes. I also use it on my fingernails to improve my cuticles. I should mention what kind is best to use on your skin. A lot of brands (including the one pictured) are synthetic. The best for your skin is the one that contains D-alpha tocopherol.

Pinner:::My granny has done this as long as i can remember. She is now in her mid with no wrinkles! Vitamin E Beauty Secret Tip: Dab on under eyes morning and night to tighten skin←←previous pinner

wake up at the same time every night? get an ache in the same spot? click on the pin and roll the cursor over the organ to learn how emotions are connected !! ***this is so cool***

Do you wake up at a certain time each night? Your body is trying to show you what emotions to release! Emotional Relationships to TCM 24 hour clock (meridian flow) acupuncture

Website for calculating what time you should go to bed depending on what time you have to get up. It

Sleep cycles & a calculator that tells you the best times to fall asleep depending on what time you need to wake up in the morning. How interesting- if you need to be up at this says to go to sleep at either or due to different sleep cycles.

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Simple Natural Cure For Hepatitis B - How To Cure Hepatitis B Naturally | Find Home Remedy

Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks the liver and causes both acute and chronic disease. Many people suffer from this infection and it can turn into liver

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