Easter themed wedding favours

Mini Eggs Easter Themed Wedding Favours and Place Names - jars with mini eggs, fabric, twine and wooden hearts.

For your Ideal Easter themed wedding include shades of lemon, green, orange, blue and pink. The flowers of the season include daffodils, tulips, bluebells and the popular roses and peonies. Want to include Easter eggs in your big day? Why not use them as double duty favours, get your guests names iced on them and use them as place names too! Add to the fun by including an Easter egg hunt for your younger guests.

Beautiful for the home and a perfect alternative to a classic wedding centre piece. You can paint or decorate the jar, or leave it as is for a fantastic and simple bucolic wedding theme.

this may be my favorite so far....

What I actually sent my mom, sans vase. I'm kind of against excess vases-- we collected so many crap vases since moving.vases, unless they are special, are not necessary and just junk to collect.