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Lichen on a tree - Stock Image - B350/0127

Lichens on a tree. Two types of lichen growing on a tree trunk.

This is a photographic image, showing what happens when Apples decay. The use of dark background, dark lighting and dark surface that contrasts with the green decaying apple emphasises a sort of death theme in this image. As decay symbolises death.



♂ Artistic nature flower Feeling frazzled in a delighted way by Alan Shapiro

♂ Artistic nature flower Feeling frazzled in a delighted way by Alan Shapiro

The palette of nature in decay.

The palette of nature in decay.

Floral Tyvek Dress by fashion student Niamh

Tyvek Floral Sculpture

Hi all, So, I managed to get some pictures of the tyvek floral sculpture that I made for my art coursework project. If you don't already know (which I didn't) tyvek is a non-woven material used in building walls and things, also in C.S.I suits. When heated it goes all crinkly and melts and holes. I used this to create flowers and leaves. I was inspired by Alexander McQueens flower dress, where he had used silk flowers and real flowers. I loved the colours and the shape, and I tried to…

cat-wings: Beautiful in life, even more so in death. Took this picture last summer(2010) in Colorado. Right outside of a friends Cabin.

random inspiration

I dream in pictures.

wilted flowers- milted

Wilted Sigh

Plump petals worship the sun each of their days of bloom, a beautiful bouquet uncut. This nature painting ends when scissored ...

I love this photograph because it's a singular piece of fruit, I think that the…

Rotting Apple (Mould)

I love this photograph because it's a singular piece of fruit, I think that the…

potentially play with the idea/ contrast of life and death within nature


naturepunk: “ Lost and forgotten. ”

Christine Ellger, 1948 | Surrealist Fine Art Photographer

German fine art photographer Christine Ellger was born in Dresden and took up photography as a hobby 11 years ago. At first she was just capturing the scenes and objects around her but then she focused on digital editing and photo manipulation. She says “My life has become interesting and exciting through this hobby. It makes me perceive the Beauty. All the time, often unconsciously, I am on the search for motifs. I hunt and collect beautiful pictures. For a good result the image is…

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Billy Kidd – Beautiful Decay

Billy Kidd – Beautiful Decay

Decaying Amaryllis III

Nicholas Blowers | Ephemera

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Billy Kidd


A beautiful landscape makes others envious of your great accomplishment, but how do you get it? Properly landscaping your yard really is not that difficult. This article helps to learn the top...

Big studies of decaying flower heads


With the extensive materials and faclities the University has to offer and following the reputation of the 3D design course at Manchester Metropolitan I have confidence in that the course is right for me . MMU is literally on my doorstep and looking at the larger picture I would be unwise not to take advantage of the position I'm in. The work that I have submitted is illustration based . Due to the elaborate amount of detail I place into each image I develop a sense of understanding how a…