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Related images for my book, The Wedding Date. Delilah is a HUGE fan of musicals so I've created this board with her in mind Amazon UK…
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a movie poster for the wizard of garland, starring actors from two different films
Judging MGM’s Wizard of Oz as an Adaptation
THE WIZARD OF OZ, released: 1939 I was there......the very first time it was shown in Des Moines
OLD MOVIE POSTER: The Wizard of Oz Movies Worth Watching, I Love Cinema, Childs Room
OLD MOVIE POSTER: The Wizard of Oz
an autographed poster for wizard of oz
Old Movie Posters Exhibition
Favorite scene... When the Cowardly Lion runs out of the Wizard's Castle and jumps out the window... PRICELESS!!!
the wizard of oz movie poster with an image of two children and their dog on it
The Wizard of Oz.
the movie poster for grease, which features four different hair colors and hairstyles
Grease (1978) by Julieta Felix #grease #movieposters #posters #minimalmovieposters #posterdesign #70smovies #1978 #1978movies #greaseminimalposter
Grease (1978) ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Manon Champredon Grease Fanart, Grease Movie Poster, Grease Quotes, Sandy Grease
Minimalist Movie Poster
Grease (1978) ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Manon Champredon
charlie and the chocolate factory movie poster with johnny delfiore as well as other characters
Johnny Depp SuperStar
johnny depp movie posters | Johnny Depp, SuperStar -
the poster for charlie and the chocolate factory starring johnny deppp, who is wearing a top hat
Referencias a Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate
If you read Roald Dahl's book, then you'll notice Tim Burton has almost lifted every scene and line verbatim from the pages to make this incredible movie. Yes, I love the Gene Wilder version as well. But as for staying true to the story, this film wins outright.
an advertisement for chocolate bar with the image of a man holding a cane in his hand
Minimal Movie Posters
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
an umbrella with the words mary poppins on it
Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters by Christian Jackson
Mary Poppins
mary poppin's broadway musical poster for the new amsterdam theatre, with lady in red holding an umbrella
Mary Poppins the Musical Broadway Poster! Seen this one!