Buck and Levin were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds in their design for their Indi line of paper.

bird wallpaper: to potentially be used at the very top of the stairs where the celling tilts into the room. these birds would be seen from the bottom of the stairs giving the illusion of birds flying up towards the sky.OR paper the walls in staircase!

feature wall Erica Wakerly Angles Copper Wallpaper

Angles Copper Rose and White

Watercolour Wonders By Murals Wallpaper — Heart Home

Watercolour Wonders By Murals Wallpaper

Make a masterpiece of your walls with this collection of watercolour wallpaper murals. From blue hues to rusty reds, these wallpapers deliver maximum style - with next to no effort.

Fabulous metallic gold pineapple wallpaper.

You Will Thank Us - 10 Wallpaper Designs You Need To Know - If you are a pineapple lover like we are, this is a great wallpaper for you. Full of pineapples but still keeping it stylish and classy.

Rose Quartz Wallpaper Mural | Murals Wallpaper

Rose Quartz Wallpaper Mural

Rose quartz wallpaper - mum would love this in her bedroom. Maybe with the cladding as grey?

Arthouse Copacabana Pineapple Pattern Wallpaper Tropical Motif 690900

Copacabana Feature Wall Fashionable Black and White Pineapple Wallpaper 690900 by Arthouse: Extensive quality range of wallcoverings from affordable to top designer wallpapers available at Lancashire Wallpaper and Paint Co


Blueprint Boat Wallpaper Wall Mural | MuralsWallpaper.co.uk

For that grunge look that will instill that “cool” effect, this watercolour wallpaper is easily a very solid option for any homeowner.