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PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Jenny Amphlett laments the loss of Webberley's bookshop

Feeling nostalgic from afar about Webberley's bookshop is not enough to save it from closure says columnist Jenny Amphlett. IT WAS a rainy Saturday morning in the late but I have never.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Why World of Wedgwood is helping to make the pottery industry sexy again

The visitor centre at Wedgwood has just had a million revamp and columnist Jenny Amphlett says it is helping to make the ceramics industry sexy again BRIAN Cant, Floella Benjamin,.

JENNY AMPHLETT: White elephant buildings cost us dear

WHAT Stoke-on-Trent really does not need right now is another white elephant. The city does not need another empty but expensive to maintain building with little to no current purpose other than.

JENNY AMPHLETT: New cinema will change the face of Hanley

JENNY AMPHLETT: New cinema will change the face of Hanley

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Jenny Amphlett looks at Brits behaving badly on the 'Costa del Cringe'

I HAVE a confession to make. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be British. I love my country and lots of the people in it, but as a nation we have a habit of letting ourselves down when we venture.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Cowardly web trolls need booting offline, says columnist Jenny Amphlett

" It was nearly two decades ago and I was a young news reporter covering the court case of a man found in possession of hundreds of indecent.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Cutting help for parents threatens city's long-term health, says Jenny Amphlett

See a slideshow of how to tell when your baby has something more serious than a cold and needs to see a doctor.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Is it ever right for newspapers to print a photograph of a dead child?

A stark image of a drowned boy has been viewed across the globe over the past few days. Columnist Jenny Amphlett asks whether it is ever right for newspapers to print a photograph of a dead child.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Smokers' rights? It's a child's rights that really matter

The ban on smoking in cars with children doesn't go far enough according to columnist Jenny Amphlett FROM October 1 it will be illegal to smoke in a car carrying children.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Why has it taken 30 years for joined up response to tackling poverty in S-o-T?

There will be no quick fix solutions to tackling poverty in our city writes columnist Jenny Amphlett. IT comes as no surprise that Stoke-on-Trent is one of the most deprived areas in England.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: How to play supermarket pedant with loopholes in the carrier bag laws

Buy an axe or some root ginger and you get a free carrier bag. Jenny Amphlett looks at the loopholes in the plastic bag legislation. THERE'S no such thing as a free carrier bag any more, or at.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Tragic death of mother and baby shows why we must support new mums

Taking away support from expectant and new parents can have tragic consequences, writes columnist Jenny Amphlett THERE are some photographic images that stay with you long after the news story.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Would you feed your toddler a packet of crisps for breakfast?

Parents on low incomes should be offered support on how they can still feed their children well says columnist Jenny Amphlett WHAT did you feed your child for breakfast today?

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: We can't leave another historically significant building to rot

We need to save the Price and Kensington teapot factory before it is too late, says Jenny Amphlett TRENTHAM Hall, Newcastle's Municipal Hall, St Paul's Church in Burslem.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Make a lantern to feel part of your community

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: Make a lantern to feel part of your community

JENNY AMPHLETT: Oxford Dictionary's new word of the year is an emoji :(

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