The benefits of reading books (infographic)

The benefits of reading books (infographic)

The benefits of reading books (infographic) FRIENDLY STAFF JAN For anyone who questions how the humanities are beneficial. Some of these go for art too.

The magic of reading and books!

Dortchen Wild has loved Wilhelm Grimm since she was a young girl. Under the forbidding shadow of her father, the pair meet secretly to piece together a magical fairy tale collection.

1950+movies | THE BLOB - 1950s B Movie Posters Wallpaper Image One of Steve McQueen's first movies. My bf's crush.

Beware: The Blob is a 1958 sci-fi cult classic, starring a very young Steve McQueen.HD Wallpaper and background photos of The Blob for fans of Classic Science Fiction Films images.

GINGERBREAD MAN Ladybird Book Series 777 Read It Yourself

GINGERBREAD MAN Ladybird Book Series 777 Read It Yourself Level 4 Gloss Hardback 1987

Illustration Art Project - Conway High School Art Project

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

The Suitcase Kid - Jacqueline Wilson. No. 181

The Suitcase Kid - Jacqueline Wilson. a book you can read in a day. A book by a female author

Sweet Dreams books wish you could still find these books they were the best i would still read them.

Sweet Dream teen romance at its "finest" back in the day! Saved all mine and my daughter is reading them now!

Claudia is so my style icon :P

Babysitters Club Books my favourite books of my childhood!

Ah, I LOVED this book!!! I am so having a time warp right now. Just bought her Are You there God? its me Margret

Pinner says: This was my all time favorite book as a girl. I read it so much that I still remember the first line. It's a must read for girls from grade til.well, I can't wait to read it with Olivia.

Judy Blume books > Books and magazines |

Judy Blume books

Tiger Eyes - Judy Blume I've read this book at least 20 times!