Lucian Freud, 1954

Man in a Headscarf (also known as The Procurer), 1954 Lucian Freud. Dang, Freud was good.

Lucian Freud

Woman in a White Shirt, oil, Lucien Freud 1957 The Duchy of Devonshire, UK (portrait of Deborah Duchess of Devonshire (née Mitford)

Lucian Freud, Last Portrait of Leigh, 1995

"Last Portrait of Leigh" - Lucian Freud, 1995 {contemporary impressionist artist human figurative bald male head texture man face portrait painting}

Lucian Freud by Lucian Freud

Self Portrait, by Lucien Freud. I have looked at this to portray an image of Freud without the stretched and distorted effects applied by Bacon, in a series of three paintings.

lucian freud's unseen drawings

Lucian Freud's Unseen Drawings Arrive At Acquavella Galleries (PHOTOS)

Lucian Freud, "Dark Haired Neighbour" 2010 Charcoal on primed linen 15 x 10 inches x cm)