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so true. a song can bring back feelings from years ago as if it happened yesterday

"Sometime it's not the SONG that makes you's the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it." Through the years songs have captured many moments and each time I hear that song I'm taken back to that moment vividly.

PTSD ~ Don't tell me to get over it and suck it up. When your nightmares repeat what happened that's not a choice, it's called POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. Anything can trigger it, not just sleep. A sound. A smell. A word. You just never know what can trigger it. Believe me, anyone with PTSD want nothing more than to be free from the trauma they experienced.

You don't run. you confront them and face them and make them go away in the light of knowledge and truth. Just face them. They can't win if you do that. It may take awhile, but they can't win. I CANT DO THIS ~MACKENZIE