Artist Joanna Wirazka uses fallen leaves as canvases to create beautiful landscapes artworks

Self-Taught Polish Artist Joanna Wirazka Uses Fallen Autumn Leaves As Canvases For Her Paintings

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For my text tattoo, I want to commission a watercolor bird from this artist and have my tattooer put it on me with a quote that means a ton to me.

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta. I've never seen a black betta before

Noel Badges Pugh

San Francisco based artist Noel Badges Pugh creates scientific illustrations with an utmost appreciation for the details and structure of e.

Polish artist Joanna Wirażka collects various fallen leaves and repurposes them as eclectic canvases.

Artist Uses Leaves as Autumnal Canvases for Delicate Paintings

Young artist from Poland, Joanna Wirażka found an unusual use of autumn leaves. Using colored pencils and acrylic paint she draws on leaves beautiful scenery and starry skies. Each work of the artist takes about …

A 17-year-old turned these fallen leaves into incredible works of art.