London 1900

A cyclist riding a penny farthing over Hammersmith Bridge, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) London in the Victorian Era

London, 1912

"London street scene, A newsboy holds a broadside reading, "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life." " {studied the Titanic - watching the movie, reading books at the library}

Trafalgar Square, London, 1920`s |cM

Trafalgar Square, London, This is where Phil's British-born (London) grandma met her Wisconsin-born grandpa during WWI. She told stories of the bombings.

Old bicycle shops, London.

Vintage photo Old bicycle shops, London & UK. Photo b/w. Oldie, old bikes, cool wheels, history.

Cheapside, London, England between 1890 and 1900

Rare color photograph of a London Street in 1900 (via London in end of the Victorian Era. )This is Cheapside in the city of London. Statue is Sir Robert Peel.

London in the 1920's

Dignified and characterful portraits of Londoners, believed to be by photographer Donald McLeish selected from the three volumes of Wonderful London edited by St John Adcock and produced by The Fleetway House in the nineteen-twenties.

1939 - Don't mind Hitler: Take your holiday. Book here. London Travel Agency...don't forget, at this time the atrocities were not yet known to the general public. The British, Londoners in particular, were hit by the Germans 54 consecutive nights during the blitz. They were battered yet remained stoic and unmoving in their bid for survival.

Poster in a London travel agency advising people to book their holidays in spite of the tense situation in Europe (Hitler, Germany, the Second World War). About 1939

The former bridgekeeper’s house on Tower Bridge, c. 1900

The former Bridgekeeper’s House on Tower Bridge, circa 1900 London England

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