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Julia Jephcott

Julia Jephcott
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It s beginning to smell a lot like Christmassssss.... What do you mean the song doesn t go like that? I ve been singing it all morning, because it s true! My house smells just like Christmas time in all it s piney-spicy-citrusy-goodness, and today I wanted to show you just how easy it is...

Christmas DIY: Holiday Scent a medi Holiday Scent a medium sized pot 1 tablespoon vanilla 3 cups apple cider sliced oranges sliced lemon fresh cranberries whole cloves cinnamon sticks fresh rosemary fresh christmas tree or wreath stems (seriously!

Bunting Template

Bunting Template - ridiculously picky, perhaps, but I like my bunting particularly pointed, like this. Fat triangles look silly.

Christmas Craft Ideas . . . some really unique, easy, and creative ideas for decorating your home during the holidays

candy cane vase - Stretch a rubber band around a cylindrical vase, then stick in candy canes until you can't see the vase. Tie a silky red ribbon to hide the rubber band. Fill with red and white roses or carnations. Good hostess gift for holiday parties.