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Whether you're just starting out learning to crochet or you've been crocheting for a while, you're guaranteed to find crochet projects for you after browsing my…
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close up of 6 crochet stitches
58 Free Crochet Stitches
These free crochet stitches show how a stitch is worked and links to a free pattern that uses the stitch. It serves as a handy reference guide (for you and me!). You might find a new stitch to try and I’m hoping you’ll find inspiration for when you want to come up with your own design or to modify an existing pattern.
2 images show an easy crochet cardigan in cream styled on a mannequin, 1 image shows the same cardigan worn by a woman with her arms out to the side, 1 image shows the first 2 steps in crocheting the cardigan
Easy Woman Crochet Cardigan Pattern
This easy woman crochet cardigan pattern is a two-row repeat. The pattern uses a breathable yarn making it ideal for year-round wear. With minimal sewing (only the shoulder seams!) you can customise this easy crochet cardigan to the length you prefer and the sleeve length.
montage of 11 different summer crochet dresses styled on women made from free crochet patterns Crochet Patterns, Crochet Stitches, Crochet, Summer, Crochet Summer Dresses, Crochet Dress Pattern, Crochet Dress, Crochet Clothes, Crochet Blanket Patterns
Free Summer Crochet Dress Patterns
Inspired by the latest crochet dress fashions, I’ve gathered together a collection of free summer crochet dress patterns that sparked my imagination and I knew you would love too! I've included beginner patterns that include detailed written instructions, photos and diagrams to help you understand the construction process of these free summer dress crochet patterns step by step.
12 different styles of bunting crocheted from free patterns Afghan Patterns, Stitch, Pattern, Crochet Afghan, Crochet Bunting, Crochet Techniques
Crochet Bunting Free Patterns
Brighten up your home décor or give an added sparkle to your party decorations with these crochet bunting free patterns. I'm sharing different shapes to help you with your crochet bunting ideas as well as crochet bunting free patterns.
3 photos show a lacy crochet summer cardigan styled on a mannequin with two process photos 1) working the lower panel 2) dividing for fronts and back Tops, Crochet Cardigan Free, Crochet Cardigan Pattern, Crochet Cardigan
Lacy Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern
This lacy crochet cardigan free pattern is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those warm-weather days when you need a light layer of elegance. The lacy crochet pattern features a seamless construction and offers options for both the length of the cardigan and the sleeves. Instructions are written for sizes S through to 5X in UK and US crochet terms.
12 photos showing different styles of crochet tank tops Crochet Dresses, Diy, Tank Tops, Crochet Tank Top Outfit, Crochet Tank Top Free, Sleeveless Top Pattern, Crochet Vests, Trendy Tank Tops
Crochet Tank Top Free Patterns
Join me today as I explore the different ways a crochet tank top can be constructed along with hand-picked crochet tank top free patterns that show step-by-step how to crochet a stylish tank top.
16 close up images of different crochet stitches Inspiration, Design, Blanket Pattern, Crochet Projects
Crochet Stitch Library
This crochet stitch library is to share how a stitch is worked and link to my pattern that uses the stitch. It serves as a handy reference guide (for you and me!). You might find a new stitch to try and I’m hoping you’ll find inspiration for when you want to come up with your own design or to modify an existing pattern.
3 photos show a crochet cardigan styled on a mannequin.  1 photo shows the same cardigan laid flat.  3 process images show the back, front left and right and shoulders/side seams Ponchos, Crochet Sweaters, Knit Crochet, Sweater Crochet Pattern, Crochet Sweater, Long Crochet Cardigan
Crochet Summer Cardigan Free Pattern
This crochet summer cardigan is designed with a lightweight, breathable crochet stitch pattern, making it ideal for cooler evenings without feeling too heavy or cumbersome. With two length options to choose from, you can customize this long-sleeve crochet summer cardigan free pattern to suit your personal style and preference.
3 images show the front, back and side of a crochet dress in sunshine yellow Crochet Beach Dress, Crochet Beach Cover Up, Crochet Poncho Patterns, Poncho Pattern, Single Crochet Stitch
Crochet Dress Free Pattern
Whether you’re relaxing in the sun or taking a dip in the water, this crochet dress free pattern will keep you comfortable and looking your best. Written in UK and US Crochet Terms, I’ve included instructions for sizes XS to 5X for this crochet dress free pattern.
Montage of twelve photos showing different crochet projects all crocheted using the tapestry technique
Tapestry Crochet Patterns Free
I’m sharing my favourite tapestry crochet patterns free in this roundup. The tapestry technique is exciting – it opens up endless possibilities for colour variations that can be used in tapestry crochet patterns.
A colourful striped cardigan is styled on a mannequin.  Text reads 'easy crochet cardigan US and UK Terms.' Jumpers, Shorts, Jeans
Free Easy Crochet Cardigan Pattern
My free easy crochet cardigan pattern is worked in a two-row repeat with unique features that is perfect to wear for a variety of occasions and seasons. Pair the free easy crochet cardigan pattern with jeans or shorts and a simple tee for a laid-back yet chic ensemble.
montage of 12 photos showing different breeds of dogs made from realistic dog crochet patterns Dogs, Adorable, Crochet Dog, Crochet Dog Patterns, Dog Pattern
Realistic Dog Crochet Patterns
I’ve been searching through realistic dog crochet patterns to find a match with our family dog and along the way found some fabulous designs for different breeds. I’ve gathered the realistic dog crochet patterns into a roundup that also includes tips and troubleshooting. Happy crocheting!
4 different styles of bunting: cat face, slices of citrus fruit, granny hearts and granny triangle Crochet Bunting Free Pattern, Crochet Bunting Pattern
How To Crochet Bunting
These patterns show you step-by-step how to crochet bunting. Brighten up your home décor or give an added sparkle to your party decorations.
6 images show a woman wearing a granny stitch crochet cardigan with front, back and side view and the same cardigan styled on a mannequin.  1 image shows process photos for 4) sleeves and cuffs 5) hood 6) hem, button band and edging Free Crochet, Free Crochet Pattern
Granny Stitch Crochet Cardigan Pattern
My granny stitch crochet cardigan pattern is the perfect garment to wear during spring and summer, providing just the right amount of coverage without sacrificing breathability.
Two polka dot coasters crocheted with the tapestry technique in the background in turquoise/white and green/orange have an orange overlay with the text 'Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns for beginners' Love Crochet, Beginners, Hard, Crochet For Beginners, Difficult
Tapestry Crochet Free Patterns for Beginners
Tapestry crochet patterns look difficult … but they’re not as hard as they look! I’m sharing my favourite tapestry crochet free patterns for beginners. Once you've cracked the tapestry technique, the patterns in this roundup increase to intermediate difficulty level. I’m sure you’ll find something that’s just right for you.