♥♥♥♥♥ - 5 "loves". Candles in the Fireplace - especially "wood wick" candles, as they actually "Crackle". Great option if your fireplace is non functional, you have "spare the air" days as we do, or for summer time when it's just too dang hot!

We just got a black fire place with that fake wood junk hiding the heating cans. Maybe I will do this to keep it pretty when we dont need the heat in the summer ♥ apartment,Design inspiration,For the Home,Home,House Ide

An idea for getting rid of the rather useless gas fireplace but retaining that fireplace charm.

Log candles for the fireplace for those with non-working fireplace.there's a drill bit that will drill holes for candles.

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Idea for my dark cherry portable FP (looks real -uses gel fuel) - Place framed painting in the firebox & add lights. My friend Frances' whimsical Kitty Buddha - deep Blues & gold - would be stunning. Mona'd be classic w/warm dark tones.

Non-working fireplace used as a storage space for books

old books storage

22 unused fireplace ideas - use it as a storage space, create personal gallery, bookcase, create shelves, put a log in the fireplace etc.

16 Of The Most Beautiful Fireplaces That Don’t Actually Work

If you have a faux or just non-working fireplace or hearth, you can add a cozy touch putting candles in there.

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