Slimming World Syn Free Pancakes

Slimming World Syn Free Pancakes a variation without oatmeal

Slimming World Chocolate and sweets  Syns

chocolate & sweets - syn values.


must haves in every slimming world home!

Fish infusions low syn slimming world

birds eye inspirations - syn values.

Slimming world syns for packet mixes

Slimming world Syn values for sauces

Slimming World Crisps

Slimming World Crisps syns

McDonald's syns slimming world x

Slimming World - McDonald's Syns

Syn values.

Slimming world syn values

Slimming World - Iceland Syn-Free Food List on Extra Easy

loving the sunglasses,hair,outfit everything !

Slimming World Recipes: LEMON & LIME HALF SYN ROULADE

Sw lemon and lime Cake

Syn values.

crisp Syn values.

Slimming world icecreams

Slimming world ice cream syns

Costa coffee

Costa coffee syns for Slimming World

My Slimming World Adventure: Homemade Dips: Garlic & Herb, Houmous and Tomato & Basil Mayo

After making the BRILLIANT discovery that average breadsticks are just 1 syn each , I was overjoyed and decided to make some syn free/low sy.

Jelly - Syn levels for slimming world.

hartley's jelly - syn values.