This is where gold comes from. Slave labor and poisoned water.  Sebastiao Ribero Salgado 1986. The gold mine of Serra Pelada Brazil.

Sebastiao Ribero Salgado, The Gold Mine, Serra Pelada, Brazil 1986 gelatin silver print


Illusion: I like the idea of distorting the face to create more emotion. Her hands unsuccessfully covering her face offers more meaning than the photo would hold without them.

Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old

contrast, Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old

John Stezaker - collage of human face with skeleton. This portrays the opposite idea of my exam theme which is 'growth and evolution'.

Check out these amazing collages by the English artist John Stezaker.

For these children trapped in Northbridge their fate is inevitable. They cannot escape their fate, their fate lies within the gates, the fence, the watchtower and within the watchful eye of the Provost. That fate is death.

art Black and White depressed depression suicidal photo pain draw picture crazy water skull fear nature mind hide skeleton mad monster bone Demon numb inside painful madness

Den mest kända bilden 'Migrant Mother' - Langes arv är betydelsefullt. Även ett myndighetsuppdrag som detta kan göras med mjukhet och respekt.   •  "Dorothea Lange is my inspiration for documentary photography - she took photos with a purpose."

“Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange, 1936 For many, Florence Owens Thompson is the face of the Great Depression, thanks to legendary photographer Dorothea Lange. Lange made this photograph while visiting a camp in California in February With this.

Nick Knight - Skinhead. 1982 | 1980's | arrest | police | the bird | the finger | rude boy | tattoo | conformist | rebel | rebellion | reckless | delinquent |

Mods and Rockers rioting at the seaside, mini-skirts marking the sexual revolution and Punk’s ‘fuck you’ to Thatcher: this is how style changed Britain