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Animal-Inspired Play

A huge collection of ideas and inspiration for reusing tyres in outdoor play creatively & safely. Save money on outdoor play equipment by upcycling! Project & safety tips included for early childhood educators and teachers.

20 easy and clever interiors tricks that will instantly upcycle your home More

20 easy and clever interiors tricks that will instantly upcycle your home

Here's a bright idea: Why not get crafty with all those extra light bulbs you have in your home, and turn them into something fabulous? From little terrariums to a standout chandelier, we have twenty gorgeous uses for light bulbs coming your way.

My quest this year was to create a more organised environment in my classroom. A space that allowed for natural expression through various forms of play as well as a space that was organised and wa…

Reggio and Documentation

Part of the Reggio-inspired philosophy is "valuing children's artwork" and seeing the "image of the child" incorporated throughout their environment. Each self-portrait is laminated, labeled, and displayed on the back wall where they play and learn.

Framed photos of each child with an individual photo on one side and a photo of them involved in a group activity on the other ≈≈

Lobethal Community Kindergarten: individual child photo on one side, child in group experience on the other.

In these Reggio inspired classrooms – each room develops its own birthday tradition. Here is one classroom’s documentation on how the traditions are formed: A peek at birthday traditions: IDEA 1: I adore this idea! Notice in the first photo there are empty hoops hanging. On the child’s birthday they decorate and fill their hoop. …

Birthday display: empty hoops hanging from a branch (along w/child's photo & birth date); on the child's birthday they decorate and fill the hoop

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