Spring sensory play activities for kids - fun for Easter too!

Spring sensory play tub with carrots

Spring sensory play activities for kids - Gardening play using dyed rice (so if they eat some you don't have to worry too much!) and real carrots

Sand Play Dough With Loose Parts ‹ Mama. Papa. Bubba.Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Sand Play Dough 1 cup of all-purpose flour 1 cup of fine beach sand cup of salt 1 tbs of cream of tartar 1 tbs of veg oil 1 tbs glycerine cup boiling water

Snow slime is icy cold and sparkly white- such a fun way for kids to play with snow this Winter

SHIVERY Snow slime- this slime is ICY COLD sparkly white just like fresh fallen snow- Kids can make OOZING snowmen and stretch and pull this faux snow in ways the real stuff could never allow. Such a FUN way for kids to "play with snow" this Winter!

Make a Nature's Brew - Nature and Water Play for Toddlers

Nature Soup - Nature and Water Play for Toddlers

Taste Safe No Shaving Cream Messy Color Play

Taste Safe (No Shaving Cream) Sensory Rainbow

Taste Safe Sensory Rainbow (no shaving cream) - thinking she means cream cheese instead of whipped cream, but how fun when put with natural coloring!

Digging for "worms" - this activity takes a minute to throw together & my kids couldn't stop giggling.  You will never believe what we used for our worms

Digging for "worms" - this activity is very easy to put together. Here is what you will need: dirt, leftover cooked pasta (worms), play magnifying glass, tweezers--fun!

Jelly worms - what a 'cute' idea - I'd have  made these for my kids when they were little

Squirmy Jelly Worms Recipe {Fun Snack For Kids}.Not sure I could eat these but if I had kids I bet I would try the recipe.

Project: Mommie: Spring Break Fun with Baking Soda and Vinegar

It's spring break this week and I definitely don't want to keep the tv on all week for my preschooler, so I've researched some fun act.

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