Jessica Emery

Jessica Emery

Jessica Emery
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Cheerio bird feeder

KG loves stringing cheerios on pipe cleaners and feeding the birds. Great hand eye coordination practice and it keeps her busy for a little while. Bird feeders made from pipe cleaners and cheerios. Fun activity to develop fine motor skills.

Natural Play - Mud Pie Kitchen

Our mud pie kitchen next to our sandpit is made of an old kitchen trolley and a zinc tub. I can really recommend creating one, it is s.

Ball fun at Children's Garden of Learning (",)

Use normal pipe or pool hose to put things down

Wool & String (Reggio)    Wool Rocks

This makes a very pretty paper weight! The Yarney Stone - brush a ring of tacky glue around the middle of a clean rock. Starting from the center, wrap yarn around the rock, spiraling toward one end. Add glue as you go. Repeat process on the other side.