Choose a good diet. ~~ Red Cabbage ~~ High on my list nowadays; rich in antioxidants. I always look out for this at buffets when at an event:

Red Cabbage by Phillip Gates; Macro image of red cabbage leaves, interesting line and colour patterns created.

Artist Marcia Baldwin

By: Marcia Baldwin (this is reminiscent of some stuff by my late grandma on the french side)

jose-romussi-chile-zupi-5 Combining two different materials and techniques 'together'.

For the love of floral. Embroidery by Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy. - *Dressed Take this coupon and travels to the José Ignacio, Uruguay.

Pip Boydell illustrations

A gorgeous illustration of a pineapple by Australian artist Pip Boydell. The colours in this drawing are soothing and tropical. I can't help but think of somewhere hot with a Piña Colada.

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