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Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson
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Bohemian, hippy bedroom

Remove doors form your closet, maybe the hanger bar as well, and place your bed in for a cozy sleep cave. You could totally but a curtain rod above the closet space and make it a canopy bed

I LOVE the ceiling and the light fixture! Gypsy/boho

see ceiling Opulent Bohemian style bedroom.Oh yes, this would be my bedroom a room about 500 square will do, with two french doors overlooking the beach.Oh, and yes, the dogs DO sleep on the bed!

I think I'm going to revamp a floor length mirror like this this summer

Bohemian/Gypsy bedroom, a good spot to rest your head and dream, boho style ideas for hippie inspiration interiors

Absolutely beautiful little cabin--and it's in my home state! One more loft and it could sleep our whole family.

Never underestimate the powerful impact that lighting can have on a space. Imagine this space minus the lanterns. Paper lanterns are a fun and inexpensive way to change the personality of a space.