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This is why DIY hair dye is a bad idea. Now he is Gerard Way

This is why DIY hair dye is a bad idea.<<<< I see nothing wrong with looking like Danger Days Gerard

Go Frank!

, better Frank then hazel tearing them to shreds, sending him to nico who after torments them during their judgment took them to Hades and I'll let your imagination to the rest

Non of your business

How he is gonna explain that he is a demigod, he fought almost every monster in greek mithology and he fell into tartarus?

Percy Jackson. Oh god! So funny!! I think I laughed way too hard at this:D

Leo is on fire. He's walking on fire. This girl is on fire.

Percy jackson funny

I love them together as friends. Hope there are more Leo-Persassy attacks in Blood of Olympus - Percy Jackson XD

Poor Annabeth. She has the brilliant mind! She comes up with a lot of the great plans!

Don't worry Annabeth if it weren't for daughter of Athena's like us then all these fools would always get into dangerous situations instead of carefully analyzing them first