The Specials. They look like a bunch of young men you would not like to me meet in a forgotten alley way.

Ska revival band The Specials have announced a Belfast show on November in the Ulster Hall, Belfast. Coventry legends THE SPECIALS have announced a UK & Ireland tour for which sees them celebrate five years since they first reformed.

Skinhead boy & girl dancing

Skinhead boy & girl dancing, which also made them stand out with their unique dance style, this second wave introduced the bleach splattered jeans.

Nick Knight - Skinhead. 1982 | 1980's | arrest | police | the bird | the finger | rude boy | tattoo | conformist | rebel | rebellion | reckless | delinquent |

Mods and Rockers rioting at the seaside, mini-skirts marking the sexual revolution and Punk’s ‘fuck you’ to Thatcher: this is how style changed Britain

traditional skinheads

Skinhead About Our Subculture! Oi, Rash, Sharp, Traditional and Trojan. We Are Skinheads!

skinheads and hippies, London, 1969

My "Hippie Love" novel trucks through an era like this . Skinheads and hippies, Piccadilly Circus, Photo by Terry Spencer.

Skinhead Style Fall 2012

Alex Ciappara and Micky Ayoub photographed by Bruno Staub and styled by Grant Woolhead for the September 2012 issue of Out magazine.

This (at the time) 17 year old Smooth from North London is wearing a made to measure Crombie and a trilby, Levi’s, a Ben Sherman shirt and Oxfords. The girl was a model and has on a petrol blue/gold Trevira suit. A lot of the gear came from High Street stores like Burton and Top Shop.

Skinhead Fashion in the UK 1971