Julian Roberts: Subtractive Pattern Cutting

- As part of Bath In Fashion 2011 fashion designer Julian Roberts held a workshop yesterday and a talk this morning. Julian uses a technique that he created and calls ‘Subtraction Cutting’ where the.

Julian Roberts

"You Cannot Exhaust The Possibilities, The Possibilities Exhaust You! So many great ideas, have made three dresses so far and they've all come out unique.

Julian Roberts

Subtraction cutting is a more experimental method and relies less on mathematics than conventional pattern cutting. My notes from the le.

Julian Roberts

Silk and Wool: A community for fashion designers - introduction (subtraction cutting dress)


Stop motion cutting and sewing a Julian Roberts "subtraction dress" at indiana university

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new ways to patternmake :: Julian Roberts ‘Subtraction Cutting’

Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts is the inventor of subtraction cutting, and he describes it much better than me "Subtraction Cutting is an approach to garm.

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