Rain Painting (Shannon's Tot School)  (I'm thinking you could do this with liquid tempera too, for a different look.)

Rain Painting (Shannon's Tot School) Place paper on larger "messy paper" or foam trays . Have students "pinch and sprinkle" with fingers and spray with water bottle.

Tie ribbons to a hula hoop and hang from the ceiling of your reading area.

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

How to make a ribbon chandelier! (Hula hoop & ribbon) party decor or in a kids room! Or make a huge one from a hoola-hoop and keep it hung from a tree or patio area for the kids to enjoy and play with --

The Three Little Pigs! Story spoons in action! Retelling, children, EYFS, early years, literacy, C&L, communication, play, learning! Natalie

This pin depicts the children's story 'the three little pigs' this story board will help children with their story-telling skills, help them to communicate effectively and to broaden their use of creativity in everyday life.

These sandbox learning activities are a fun way make play time educational. Preschoolers will love all these ideas for learning in the sandbox.

Sandbox Learning Activities for Preschoolers

We could pull out a hfw a day to learn. to read and spell. the children can take turns to choose and then with the cards I've made they can all try and find the word at different periods throughout the day?

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