John Heartfield     Dada Picture     c.1923

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‘John Heartfield (1891–1968) is the anglicized name of the German photomontage artist Helmut Herzfeld. Heartfield developed photomontage into a form of political and artistic expression. His photomontages satirising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis often subverted Nazi symbols such as the swastika in order to undermine their propaganda message.

The Extraordinary Anti-Nazi Photomontages of John Heartfield ~ Kuriositas

John Heartfield

John Heartfield “Have No Fear, He’s A Vegetarian” 1936 In this photomontage, Heartfield was quoting a statement by French Minister for Foreign Affairs Pierre Laval, who was trying to reassure Frech.

John Heartfield, Self-Portrait with Police President Zörgiebel, mock-up, 1929. Courtesy Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Kunstsammlung, Heartfield 430 © 2008 Artists  Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

© John Heartfield (aka Helmut Herzfeld), Self-Portrait with the Police Commissioner Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel

John Heartfield

John Heartfield der sinn des hitlergrusses the sense of the Hitler salute

John Heartfield: Art and Mass Media by Douglas Kahn  First Edition, 1985  Photomontages by John Heartfield

John Heartfield (Helmut Herzfeld) For the Crisis Party Convention of the S.

John Heartfield

John Heartfield_Photomontage_AIZ Cover of Fritz Thyssen controlling the puppet Adolf Hitler. Photomontage by John Heartfield.

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