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Animal Crossing - Bee The Net

Animal Crossing - Bee The Net. When I caught the bees, I was facing the opposite direction but I still successfully caught them.

Oh Animal Crossing....

A incredibly dumb comic my best friend made in a moment of pure madness. I'm laughing again. <-- thank god for that moment

animal crossing ✧

Has anyone else noticed that all the villagers are super good at wrapping gifts, but when you try to gift wrap something it looks kinda sad in comparison? <- we're even the ones with opposable thumbs and we can't do better lol

Animal crossing new leaf Ha

So true, my villagers are always apologising for bad handwriting

lol Animal Crossing problems... only people who play animal crossing will get this.

I didn't choose the Animal Crossing life. Animal Crossing life chose me.


This is so cute because this is so true. Everyone of us AC:NL players are special.

This is adorable!

I’M CRYING.<--- It was like this i'm almost a master but my town is in ruins :(<~~~ This is so sad. Now I'm going to go get my and play ACNL.

Animal Crossing is my escape!

I can't explain how much this game. Meant to me when I was a kid I had no friends and my parents always fought this game literally was my family and I thank the makers of it.

ellesanimalhaven: “ The dress is from polyvore, I couldn’t match the design exactly but I’m very proud with how it came out!! The hat design will be a separate post (eventually) with more hat and hair...

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