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Animal Crossing - Bee The Net

Animal Crossing - Bee The Net. When I caught the bees, I was facing the opposite direction but I still successfully caught them.

Oh Animal Crossing....

I always think this exact same thing when I fish or catch bugs. No wonder everyone moves away. I probably annoy them alot

animal crossing ✧

Has anyone else noticed that all the villagers are super good at wrapping gifts, but when you try to gift wrap something it looks kinda sad in comparison? <- we're even the ones with opposable thumbs and we can't do better lol

This is adorable!

I’M CRYING.<--- It was like this i'm almost a master but my town is in ruins :(<~~~ This is so sad. Now I'm going to go get my and play ACNL.

Animal Crossing is my escape!

you have to pay attention to the shadows in the first frame to understand why.oh do I know this feeling. Not just animal crossing, but with many videogames.

ellesanimalhaven: “ The dress is from polyvore, I couldn’t match the design exactly but I’m very proud with how it came out!! The hat design will be a separate post (eventually) with more hat and hair...

This is yet another kuroneko dress, requested by sorry it took me so long to get to it! ACNL- Another Kuroneko Dress Request