Folding kitchen table with cabinet space

Space Saving Kitchen Ideas from Magnet

The Bittier the Better - 25 Tiny Kitchens That Prove Small-Space Living is Actually Awesome- Lonny Más

Narrowboat Leviathan Kitchen. Kris says, "I love this boat, that is not woodwork, it is ART-freaking-WORK!!!!

Kris says, "I love this boat, that is not woodwork, it is ART-freaking-WORK! =============== Like a Nordic Lord of the Rings artefact.

I like the idea of having a usable roof

A lot of people forget about houseboats in regards to housing alternatives. A houseboat may be terrific addition to any waterfront property. This houseboat creates a statement. Buying a houseboat m…

The New and Used Boat Company : New Boats - Narrowboat

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