Antony Gormley

British Contemporary Art

“Sound ii,” Antony Gormley (British, b. Lead sculpture in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral, 1986

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The work consists of up to 7 kilometres of raw metal rod that arcs from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, creating a three-dimensional drawing in space.

Anthony Gormley; Field

Anthony Gormley - Field - The artist used clay which is a none resistant material to create the models. I like this piece because all of the individual sculptures are different from each other. I also like the arrangement of the model's.

Antony Gormley

Antony Mark David Gormley (Hampstead, 30 augustus is een Engelse beeldhouwer.

'Field’ is an Antony Gormley installation of 35,000 clay figures made by a family of Mexican brick-makers. Gormley asked that the figures be easy to hold in one’s hands and that the head and body be in proportion to one another.

Countless Clay Figurine Installations Field by Antony Gormley Took Nearly 15 Years to Complete

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley

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Antony Gormley [UK] (b ~ "HOME", Lead, terracotta, plaster and fibreglass x 220 x 110 cm).