Jewish Encounters

Inspired by the hunger for books on Jewish subjects written in a lively, intelligent, and popular manner, Nextbook Press’s Jewish Encounters Series brings together writers of the first rank with people and ideas and events from the Jewish past.
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The Wicked Son

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Marc Chagall

For the reader who knows Chagall only through his work, this book is a good introduction to the artist.

Jews and Power

Jewish Encounters (curated by Nextbook Press)


Maimonides, Mosheh ben Maimon or Moses Maimonides was a preeminent medieval Spanish, Sephardic Jewish philosopher, astronomer and one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages. or 1138 -

Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity

Jewish Encounters (curated by Nextbook Press)

The Jewish Body

The Jewish Body (Jewish Encounters) , Melvin Konner, Schocken

Resurrecting Hebrew

Jewish Encounters (curated by Nextbook Press)

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