5 Story Stones Ideas :: Storytelling with Rocks

Story Stones Ideas for Kids - 5 Great Ways to Make them & Use them

Story telling through story stones are our favourite. Make your own story stones! These 5 story stones ideas for kids include painted, drawn, and collaged story stones plus ideas for story telling with them.

Story basket - we're going on a bear hunt

Appropriate for ages Meets standards: "Anticipate actions, sounds, or phrases from a predictable." "Match pictures to actual objects.

Story shelves

This is just a picture, but a great idea to get kids excited about story telling and retelling." Story shelves: LOVE THIS!

Gruffalo role play corner, tuff spot, small world, woodland, animals, toys, logs, trees, tent, investigators, EYFS.

Use a tent and cover it in black sheet with batman logo outside for bat cave. Hooks on window sill for costumes.

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Fairy Tale Storytelling Basket - The Imagination Tree. Create a story basket full of storytelling props to retell favorite fairy tales together in a playful way! So easy to set up and beneficial for so many strands of early literacy development.