Illusion: I like the idea of distorting the face to create more emotion. Her hands unsuccessfully covering her face offers more meaning than the photo would hold without them.

Double Exposure

Interesting composition and layering. Black and white works great. Broad range of values and textures - double exposure

How to create cool double exposure portraits in Photoshop

Double Exposure Portraits: learn how to blend two different pictures into one quirky portrait using layers and masks in our new Photoshop tutorial.

Double Exposure Photography Project - We Are Nature

Double Exposure Photography Project - We Are Nature

unknown photographer

Dan Mountford is an Brighton University student, in UK. He is young but very talented. "Double exposure portraits" is a project in which all the photos were

Double Exposures by Dan Mountford

Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mountford. Dear Kent mates, prepare to model for a small double exposure portrait series.