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Beautiful lines. Tarpon  by Sergey Shapiro

Working with my wife Luppo on a Tarpon mark for a new Release's line of clothes for salt-water fishing.

Tattoo inspiration... Blue Goose Pure Foods by Flavio Carvalho

Blue Goose Pure Foods Identity and packaging design for a Canadian based organic & natural food brand. I love the micro details in the drawings, gives it more depth

Fish and Chips by Frank Design @ East Ends prints

Fish and Chips by Frank Design @ East Ends prints - Simple and effective. great colours and i like the colour change acieved by overprinting the &

"Sea Folk" - Poppy & Red

Cell Phone Background / Wallpaper Sea Folk by Poppy & Red (Ireland-based illustrators Anna Deegan and Paula McGloin)

CO2 Poster. Climate change. Extinction. Repin by On the Green Front the leading green radio talk show, with host Betsy Rosenburg: http://blogsofbainbridge.typepad.com/greenfront/2009/02/about.html

“One-third of all animal species are at risk of extinction by 2050 unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by The Consequences of Emissions. (by Joe Scorsone, Alice Drueding, United.