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a large building with a clock on it's side and sky in the background
Tower | Coen Pohl Illustration
a tall building with lots of windows against a pink sky background, looking up at the top
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an image of the brooklyn bridge in yellow and brown
an image of two chimneys in front of a blue sky
Paul Catherall - Battersea Blue
an artistic rendering of a building in the city with cars parked on the street and tall buildings
Illustration Teardowns: French Illustrators
Illustration Teardowns: French Illustrators | by Rob Levin | Medium
a tall blue building sitting in the middle of a pink sky
New Icons Of London
a tall clock tower with a green top on an orange and blue sky back ground
Coen Pohl - Making Pictures
Coen Pohl - Making Pictures
a tall tower with a clock on it's side against a pink sky background
Observation Towers
Us humans have been building observation towers for thousands of years for war, (radio-)signals or simply because we enjoy it so much to get up in the sky and see the world below us. Getting on a high viewpoint is still something that feels magical and to…
an art deco poster of a building in the middle of london, with text reading barbican on it
Illustration of The Barbican
a tall building with a white square in the middle on a blue background that says no westendrises
Towers of The Netherlands
10 TOWERS OF THE NETHERLANDS Coen Pohl: We often forget to look up when we walk or cycle around the city. A shame, because there are many beautiful - be it old or modern - towers in the Netherlands with great architectural details. This personal project aims to showcase these towers in a more abstract way, where I focus purely on the shapes of these towers.
an advertisement for the san francisco air traffic control tower, designed by graphic design studio
Iconic Architecture Poster Series by André Chiote
an orange and blue building with a kite flying in the sky
Peter Greenwood on Instagram: “Landor illustrations for dialog”