I'm gonna cry! He was such a smol bean child! And now he's a bigger smol sexy bean child!


Can we just take a moment to recognize jimin looking at an army? <><><> And how beautiful J-Hope looks *.


Karmys, ur living the hell we live everytime theirs new song


Reminded me of you

You know they didn't say the f-word on camera!I'm laughing harder than I should be

Kookie representing the fandom

this is a problem! I still remember when kookie teased Hobi about his looks in the past (in the way you would with your family). But after the anti-hoseok hashtags incidents no one jokes about it anymore because it really hurts Hobi. Those people(if you

Well he definitely suits being rich better. Those bills ain't paying themselves.

i may not be a big bts fan but hoseok oppa and jinnie are just the most precious things ^.^<< thats Jimin are you blind

They're fueling their own fire here there's nothing we can do about BTS

Proud Awake is by far one of the best songs BTS could have in Wings