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katie roberts-wood is a london based designer, recently graduated in 2014 with an ma in fashion (womenswear) from the royal college of art in london. previously, she completed a medical degree at glasgow university, an unconventional course of study which informs the designer's unique perspective. through an inquisitive approach, roberts-wood experiments through texture and structure to pursue new and unconventional techniques in construction. by embracing new technologies combined with an…

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Artist Tyler Spangler works on vintage pictures he interprets by adding visual psychedelic touch. When the two universes blend, it create a series of portraits Digital Collage, Collage Art, Digital Art, Tyler Spangler, Ghost In The Machine, Call Art, Unusual Art, Glitch Art, Abstract Portrait

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Tyler Spangler’s digital collages rehash old portraits to uncanny effect. He mixes faces like batter or melts them like wax. Of course this would be much more gruesome were it not for the joyful neon colours he employs. His artwork has the distinct aesthetic of the internet age. Wild patterns