lisa kokin- sewn photographs!prettyPhoto[folio]/15/

I love how she sews the photos together like a web. Lisa Kokin - Persona Sewn found photographs, buttons, 2001

Amanda Cobbett Papier maché and machine embroidered, creative workshop

Amanda Cobbett is a Paper and Textile artist who creates Machine Embroidered sculptures of natural forms from her workshop in the Surrey Hills

Stitched vessels

Stitched vessels by Lauren Shanley Gorgeous texture and colour!

Lace Flowers Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.

papier mache cups with stitching Julie Arkell

papier mache - Julie Arkell do the same technique but on real teacups (yard sale or chipped ones)

lisa kokin, jealous Curator blog with interview with Lisa explaining her work.

Found images, AND thread? Oh, be still my beating heart! by California based artist Lisa Kokin

Tutta la carta del mondo: Lisa Kokin

Love Always, Juanita Mixed media book collage, x x 1 inches, 2008 Lisa Kokin

(use him for art natural forms) Cas Holmes The multi media artist builds up layers of papers and fabrics. Over this she will stitch line drawings to bring the composition together.

cas holmes textiles: Stitch-Sketches-Bookforms

Wren Square Drawing and stitch are closely related in my work .Both are about the making of marks I use materials collected a.