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Blast Arm Jiggle with 5 Best Triceps Exercises - Seated Overhead Triceps Extension: Grab a dumbbell and sit upright on a stability ball with your abs in nice and tight. This move will really help to tone your upper arm.

Bye-bye muffin top!

No muffin top here but seems like good exercises to do anyway! Side abs are better than muffin tops! You can get rid of that muffin top once and for all!

Butt Workout via Tumblr

Feel the glut burn with this workout. It will surely help raise your glut and round it out. What female don't want a nice glut 🙈 Granted I never had one Blah

Crock pot lasagna

Lasagna in the crock pot. Now I can enjoy my favorite food even in the summer by not heating up the house with a hot oven! Will tweak the ingredients to my liking i. the cottage cheese. No, must u (Easy Meal With Ground Beef Crock Pot)

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Love this simple workout plan!with the right diet of course this will definitely work out.