natural fallen twigs with candles hanging on them and flowers

Branches to appease Aaron? Flowers and branches centerpieces. We could get the branches ourselves! Add some crystals and candles and voila!

Jenga Guest Book

Stephanie and Lindsay - Jenga Guestbook Idea. Every time you play the game, it will bring back all the memories for years to come. Creative Guest Book Ideas For Wedding Reception

Printable Chalkboard Table Numbers

Printable Chalkboard Table Numbers

Bridesmaid Picture - Bride should have her ring on, though!

Bridesmaid Picture - The Bridal Party does the same nail polish color and takes a photo of their fingers making a heart shape! (Except, the bride should have her rings on!

Candle Stick Apothecary Jars: take candlesticks, spray paint them whatever color you would like, use old jars (salsa jars/jam jars/etc.), soak them in bleach and peel the labels off, glue the jars onto the candlesticks (use gorilla glue), and paint the lids to match!

Candle Stick Apothecary Jars: 3 candlesticks, primed, then spray painted green; old jars soaked in bleach solution and labels peeled off, lids spray painted to match the candlesticks; jars glued onto the candlesticks with gorilla glue.

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