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"Handprint Friendship Wreath" - This would be a fun, colorful decoration for the entrance of the center. Children, parents, and teachers could all make a handprint.

Superhero themed classroom bulletin board. The Hulk!!!

Bulletin Board Letters and Numbers Decoration

100 REASONS WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL AND FIRST GRADE (Classroom bulletin-board, Catholic Schools Week, Valentine's Day, 100th Day of School)

100 reasons why we love reading Romeo and Juliet. 100 reasons why we love learning about history. 100 reasons we love connecting math with our every day lives.

New class - welcoming :-)

Beginning of the school year art project!- photo only- could be hung in the hallway or make it your classroom door decoration

Hallway or Classroom wall ... each note is a student's name; each staff is a class

Musical Musings and Creative Thoughts: Hallway wall for everyone! (this would be cool around the top of my room)

BFG Dream Jar display …

BFG Dream Jar display "Relates to a book, relates to students' aspirations- love it! Its also incorporating both reading and writing!

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