#LandRover #Defender by Himalaya4x4

I'd drive this wearing khaki shorts, my olive green canvas jacket, a bandana tied around my head Rosie-the-Riveter-Style, and some aviators. And I'd save endangered species from wealthy villains with mustaches.

Land Rover

A classic Land Rover vehicle, ready for off-road adventures.

Land Rover

Land Rover Series and Defender are the icon for vehicle dependent expedition travel. of the Series Land Rovers ever built are still on the road today.

Kitties #LandRover Defender

Cheetahs, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya hopefully this will be my next safari ;

Land Rover

1980 Land Rover Defender, always wanted a Defender to potter around in. I miss my rover with the wench, snorkel and rack.

Botswana, Land Rover vs Elephant

Car near a huge African Elephant In Botswana. The sounds made by an adult Elephant are referred to as grunts, purrs, bellows, whistles and trumpeting.

Land Rover WMIK  Google Image Result for http://media.defenseindustrydaily.com/images/LAND_Land_Rover_WMIK_lg.jpg

army S. - Special Air Service-Three members of the SAS on a Special Land Rover used for long-range actions

Love it or hate it? [PIC] #landrover #4x4

Defender, FuoriSerie Defender Vineyard wallpaper exterior front side: FuoriSerie Land Rover Defender to Adventure in Vineyard

Drifting Land Rover

Drifting Land Rover

The Dalai Lama's Land Rover!

The advert for the Dalai Lama's Land Rover, which went up for sale a few years back.